About Us

Hi, my name is Mark and thank you for visiting Excitedkids.com. I am based in Brisbane, Australia and always looking for new ideas and activities to entertain my two boys who are 6 and 8 years old. Before I created this website, I had compiled a list of interesting kids’ activities on my phone. After searching the internet for many hours looking for lists of activities that others may have compiled, I realised that although there were lots of ideas scattered across many websites, there was nothing sorted according to age and ranked by parents.  An idea was born to create a free, helpful website for parents to address this need.

Excitedkids.com now ranks hundreds of the best ideas and activities for kids according to the views of parents. If you do find that you are engaging in the same kids activities each time you have some spare time with your kids, then have a look at the ideas on this site and try a new activity. I have consulted many parents to put together a helpful website that ranks the best activities to provide great experiences for young kids. Write a few ideas down, plan your day and hopefully you will have some Excited Kids. You can help rank an activity by clicking on the “Click to Vote” star tab associated with each activity, and if you have a great idea, submit one using the “Submit Idea” button and I will add it to the list.  If you like the website, tell your friends and send them the weblink.

I do act on suggestions and following some helpful hints from people who visited this website, I have added a Best Books for Kids section which I hope assists with narrowing the search for kid’s books. Another section titled Best Gifts for Kids was added after hearing from other parents about how hard it was to find age appropriate gifts.

All the ideas on this website are free. I have some affiliate sites linked, mostly Amazon to help offset the expense of running this site.  Please be patient if you do contact me, as I only spend a few hours of my week updating this site as a hobby.  I will endeavour to reply to emails, but be aware that I don’t always check my mail on a daily basis.  Note that I do appreciate your support if you do buy something through one of the affiliates as I receive a small commission, which is then reinvested back into making Excitedkids.com a better website.

All the best,