Baby Walker

Age Group: 2 Year Old

Rating: 8
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This baby walker

    is a lot of fun with typically a detachable face for kids that are unable to walk and they can have fun with the flashing lights and sounds. As they learn to stand, they can begin to push the walker forward and experience walking for the first time. You will never forget your children’s first few steps with a walker as their smile will be beaming with delight. If you are lucky, they will then spend many hours charging back and forth with the walker practicing their walking.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. Our kids had one of these Vtech Baby Walkers and it was brilliant. It helped our kids walk much earlier than without it as they played with it all the time. The phone toy and mini piano are great features on the baby walker and it is very durable given they run into a lot of things with this baby walker. There are plenty of lights and sounds as well to keep the kids entertained.

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