Backyard bowling or Hallway bowling

Age Group: 8+ Year Old

Rating: 5.33
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Backyard Bowling or Hallway Bowling for 8 Year Olds

Backyard bowling or hallway bowling is a simple game kids can play with items from around the house. Grab a ball the size of a basketball or soccer ball and line up a bunch of items like plastic containers, cardboard boxes into the shape of a triangle and seek how many items can be bowled over. If the kids really like it, you can always buy some plastic pins to resemble the real thing for around $10.

1. To get the kids really into bowling, perhaps try some bowling trick shots like this bloke. Warning – this guy is really good and you may never be able to replicate these bowling tricks.

This next video of ten of the greatest ten pin bowling styles is just a pleasure to watch.


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