Backyard waterslide

Age Group: 6 Year Old

Rating: 8.2
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A backyard waterslide is an affordable way (about $20) for kids and some adults to keep their cool on a hot day. Note that you get what you pay for in this product category with durability the key issue. Kids are rough on the plastic and hose fittings are typically weak at the cheaper end. A good tip is to place the waterside on a slope and add some washing detergent to reduce the friction.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. This is funny video of one of the biggest backyard waterslides you will ever see with the guy sliding over a large jump and landing in a tiny kiddie pool. Don’t try this at home, just enjoy the video.

2. Kids just love this next video where a young girl slides down the backyard waterslide and becomes a human bowling ball. This is guaranteed to get a few laughs!

3. Australians are a crazy bunch. I should know living in Australia. This next video shows an amazing water slide down a hill towards a beach in Western Australia. It sums up the amazing culture of the area, although it does look a little on the dangerous side for kids.

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