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Age Group: 3 Year Old

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Bike Riding for 3 Year Old Kids

A family bike ride can be a lot of fun for a three year old.  You just need to find the right location and make sure all the bikes are working with pumped up tires and brakes that stop before you set out.  If you really want to impress the kids, make sure you look like Lance Armstrong with all the specialist riding gear, so they won’t think about trying to race you.  Find a great location with perhaps a river, mountain or lake as a backdrop with a shop for a treat along the way.  Taking your kids to the local velodrome probably won’t work.  Also check the weather, given a bike ride in the rain can be dangerous.

 A kids first bike ride is a special experience and one they are unlikely to forget. The feelings of speed, jumping and going downhill with friends or family is hard to beat. Its also great exercise and will improve lung capacity, particularly the uphill climbs. Training wheels are great for young kids to start or a push bike without pedals for very young kids. Don’t forget a helmut!

Are you taking your kids for their first bike ride?

There are lots of simple tips which will make the experience much better for both yourself and your child.  Here they are:

1. Start on Grass – Sounds simple enough, but lots of parents start on a road or worse a dirt track.  Grass is slower and falling off is unlikely to cause too much pain.

2. Run alongside your kid – Yes this is going to take some energy, but pushing your child’s seat and letting them loose is a tough way to learn given you will most likely have to run over to them when they fall off anyway.

3. If you can lower the seat, do it.  A lower centre of gravity does help provided that your kid is still comfortable.

4. If your child has had a few crashes, it’s probably best to call it a day and try something else.

Types of Bikes for 3 year old kids

1. Balance Bike – These are a great start for kids still learning how to ride.  Alternatively you can take the pedals of a normal bike and encourage your kids to push themselves with their feet.  Don’t buy one unless your really want one as the kids grow out of them quickly.

2. Training Wheels – If you have them, use them for a short period, given they will give your kids a feel for faster speeds than without.

3. Bikes with Gears – Most kids won’t need gears on their bikes until much older.  The gears actually get in the way and the chain can fall off  quite a bit particularly if they are going over jumps.

4. Unicycle – this is my attempt at a joke.  I hope you had a laugh!

Kids Bike Riding Summary

Perhaps its time to buy yourself a cool bike as well and join in the fun of a bike ride with your kids.  If you are lucky enough to have a bike track near your house, this is a great asset that will give yourself and your kids many hours of fun.  Otherwise put the bikes in the back of the car, or buy a bike rack for the car and drive to a great spot.  Also keep an eye out for bike ride events in your local area assuming your kids can keep up the pace.

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