Building Blocks

Age Group: 4 Year Old

Rating: 7.8
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Wooden building blocks with lots of colours are great fun for kids and allow them to improve their creativity, their hand eye coordination and spatial awareness. They don’t require batteries, are indestructible and will get used over and over again. Some ideas include building a house, a pyramid, a tower, an airport or a bridge. The best part for kids is knocking the building blocks down at the end, although getting the kids to put the blocks away can be a real challenge.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. If you like building blocks, then this next video of a 15 storey hotel being built in 2 days out of building blocks in China will be worth watching. The video uses timelapse photography to capture the action in two minutes.

2. The kids may prefer a timelapse video of a house being built in this next video. It looks so easy when filmed in this manner.

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