Cricket – gab a bat and ball

Age Group: 5 Year Old

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Cricket for 5 Year Olds

Cricket is a great sport for 5 year olds.  As long as the kids can swing a cricket bat, they can play cricket. The most important thing is a good rubber or tennis ball (as a substitute for a cricket ball) that can bounce well on a flat surface. A set of wickets is useful, but a plastic bin is always a good substitute. Cricket is very good for developing hand-eye coordination and kids will have hours of fun belting the ball around a park or backyard.  If you only have two players for your cricket game, don’t forget to implement some backyard cricket rules like “electric wicket keeper and slips” , “one hand, one bounce”, “can’t get out first ball”, “tip and run” and “six and out”.  It may also be good to have the batter next to a wall, so you don’t have to keep chasing the ball when they miss it with the cricket bat.

Great Cricket Moments

There are some big hits in cricket, but very few as long as this. This is quite possibly the longest hit in cricket ever measuring around 173 metres.

Shane Warne is one of the best bowlers in cricket of all time and arguably the best spinner. Here are a collection of his amazing deliveries.

Facing a fast bowler in cricket can be intimidating, but how about facing up to these three bowlers who are bowling in excess of 160km/h and close to 100mph.

If you like great cricket catches, then check out this compilation of the greatest cricket catches of all time.

This one is not such a great cricket moment and is arguably the worst umpiring decision of all time.

If you thought that cricket decision was bad, check out these howlers from the umpire who needs some new glasses.

Howzat for some great cricket videos!

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