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Cubby house for 4 Year Olds

Why do kids always run to a Cubby house with a big smile on their face? Is it to get away from their parents or to enter a new little world where they can play and let their imagination go wild? Whatever reason it is, this has to be one of the best presents a kid can get, it rarely breaks and is fun for many years. Just make sure you measure the proposed location before you buy one.

Things to Include in a Cubby house

If you are looking at cubbyhouse designs, some important things to consider include whether the cubby house will be placed on the ground or elevated with this largely determined by visual aesthetics, age of kids and the flow of water on your property.  Items to think about including in the cubby house are a slide, a rope ladder, a rock wall, a periscope, a telescope, a steering wheel, a swing, a punching bag, a sand pit, a net or bridge if you have two adjoining structures.  The kids will also need some furniture, so a few chairs, a small table and a radio or big screen TV should go well.  You can also put a letterbox and a doorbell to make the cubby house look more like a real house.  How about some flowers out the front in a flower box and a doormat as well?

How to Build a Cubby house

The first thing to note is that there are free cubby house plans on the internet, so no need to design a cubby house yourself.  Many hardware stores also provide all the essential pieces and detailed instructions.  The next two videos show how to build a great castle like cubby house for under $1000.  It takes a lot of effort to build and may be easier to buy a cubby house kit with some detailed cubby house plans, although you would miss out on all the fun of using the tools. The actual construction starts around 45 seconds into the video.

The next video is part 2 and shows how to complete the cubby house.

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