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Duplo for 1 Year Olds

Duplo Blocks stand the test of time as a fun activity for young kids that allows them to develop their creative side with minimal outside assistance. Make sure you have a duplo mat and lots of pieces so you can challenge your kids to build a house, bridge, car, tunnel, etc.

10 Best Things for Kids to Build with Duplo 

1. House with lots of Bedrooms, a kitchen and a pool.

2. Pyramid – very easy to build and you can make a doorway in and out.

3. Garage to park Duplo Cars and Trucks

4. Airport for Planes and Helicopters to Park

5. Tower – Build as high as your kids can reach

6. Boat – Make a Small Boat or if you are really good, rebuild the Titanic.

7. Train – There are plenty of Duplo kits that come with Train pieces

8. Tunnel – Easy to do and little kids like pushing cars and trucks through tunnels.

9. Shop – Build a Shop or Supermarket with a small cash register

10. Racetrack – You will need a track to race all the Duplo cars you have.

Duplo Summary 

Duplo blocks are twice the size of Duplo Legos and are easier for 1 year olds to handle and build things quickly.  If you buy lots of Duplo Sets you will end up having lots of Duplo boxes around the house, so we found a big box and have combined it all into one.  This makes it a lot easier to pack away the Duplo in a hurry when you are finis

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. If you or your kids are after some Lego inspiration, check out these amazing Lego creations. Some of these would have taken weeks and millions of Lego bricks.

2. If you liked the first video with Lego creations, here is another one with lots more. Your kids will need a lot of patience and some creativity to create some of these.

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