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Duplo for 3 Year Olds

Duplo Blocks stand the test of time as a fun activity for young kids that allows them to develop their creative side with minimal outside assistance. Make sure you have a duplo mat and lots of pieces so you can challenge your kids to build a house, bridge, car, tunnel, etc.

10 Best Things for 3 Year Old Kids to Build with Duplo 

1. House with lots of Bedrooms, a kitchen and a pool.

2. Pyramid – very easy to build and you can make a doorway in and out.

3. Garage to park Duplo Cars and Trucks

4. Airport for Planes and Helicopters to Park

5. Tower – Build as high as your kids can reach

6. Boat – Make a Small Boat or if you are really good, rebuild the Titanic.

7. Train – There are plenty of Duplo kits that come with Train pieces

8. Tunnel – Easy to do and little kids like pushing cars and trucks through tunnels.

9. Shop – Build a Shop or Supermarket with a small cash register

10. Racetrack – You will need a track to race all the Duplo cars you have.

Duplo Summary 

Duplo blocks are twice the size of Duplo Legos and are easier for 3 year olds to handle and build things quickly.  If you buy lots of Duplo Sets you will end up having lots of Duplo boxes around the house, so we found a big box and have combined it all into one.  This makes it a lot easier to pack away the Duplo in a hurry when you are finis

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