Fishing – Supervised

Age Group: 7 Year Old

Rating: 9
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Fishing for 7 Year Olds

A fishing adventure for 7 year old kids can be an amazing experience and if you happen to catch a fish, the excitement generated can be hard to beat. Kids don’t really care what type of fish is caught, just that they are part of the experience. For younger kids, you can set up a kids line with a lure minus the hooks that they can cast into the water. The most important things is that the kids are safe around water, so a kid’s floatation vest can take away some of the stress.

The next video shows some of the largest fish ever caught. Some of these are truly breathtaking in size and will no doubt amaze the kids.

If you need a quick refresher course on how to set up your fishing line, this next video does a good job in less than 3 minutes.

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