Flashlight Play

Age Group: 8+ Year Old

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Flashlight Play for 8 Year Olds

A torch or flashlight can be a lot of fun for 8 year old kids particularly in their bedroom when it gets dark. It can also assist if they have a fear of the dark or they make midnight trips to the bathroom. Other fun ideas with a flashlight are to make shadows including hand shadows, put some cellophane over the end to create a different colour light, and draw some shapes or pictures with the torch.  Kids can also use the light to read books before bedtime. Just make sure you buy a durable flashlight that can survive being dropped regularly and is easy for kids to press the buttons. Also consider how powerful you want the flashlight to be given kids often shine the light either in their eyes or their friends. Buying military flashlights or police flashlights for young kids may not be the best options.

The World’s Most Powerful Flashlight

If you really want to impress the kids, it might be an idea to buy one of these high lumen flashlights with 2000 lumens of raw light power. People in the next town will be able to see this high lumen flashlight when it is turned on. You will need to consider rechargeable flashlights given the batteries on these expire very quickly.

If you want to signal to aliens on another planet, then this flashlight is probably your best bet.

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