Gym ball

Age Group: 4 Year Old

Rating: 3.67
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Gym balls are great for exercise and work your core, legs and arms with a range of exercises. For kids, they are great to sit on, bounce around and roll around on the grass. For adults, the 65cm and 75cm balls work well but for kids you may need to try a 45cm ball. Probably also best to get the anti-burst type.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. This gym ball flip is the most amazing trick I have ever seen on a gym ball. Do not try this at home or let the kids see this trick.

2. This next video has very little to do with gym balls other than one of the 44 bodyweight exercises uses a gym ball. Nevertheless, this is possibly one of the best gym videos I have ever seen and may be very inspirational for the kids. If you or your kids can do more than a handful of these, you are a legend!

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