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Age Group: 2 Year Old

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Kids Car for 2 Year Olds

Little kids cars that kids can climb in and out of are a toy that will last for years. The non-motorised version where kids push with their feet are much cheaper and arguably a lot better given there is no issue with batteries or weight. Most kids cars now come with a a steering wheel, a horn, a key, lockable door and a petrol cap. The roof is great and helps to protect from the sun and rain. Yes our kids used the car in the rain sometimes. Some assembly is typically required but the most popular models are a breeze to put together. The Little Tikes model now comes in a variety of colours with the popular red and pink now joined by Taxi Yellow and Police Black. The petrol station pump is also a great addition as is the traffic light and trailer option.

Great Video of Best Selling Little Tikes Kids Car

Our kids loved this car in the picture so much, I had to find a video. Here it is below. They started using it when they were 1 year olds and are still using it sometimes even as a five year old, although he struggles to get in the seat now. I did notice that some parents post their kids crashing their kids car on the internet which I guess can be slightly amusing. No injuries were sustained by the kids though if you want to find these on youtube.

Here is another great video of kids dressing up as police officers and racing around a track in a kids police car and police bike. The kids will love watching this video.

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