Age Group: 6 Year Old

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Lego for 6 Year Olds

Lego is quite possibly the toy that will be around for ever. It is indestructible and keeps getting used month after month by kids. In terms of value for money, the product isn’t cheap, but it delivers as kids keep using it because of the versatility, creativity and fun factor. The other good thing is you can just keep buying more of it and it all builds on top of each other and you never throw it out. If you buy a big starter set which is always a good choice first up, make sure you get the mat as well so they can build a house or village.

If you or your kids are after some Lego inspiration, check out these amazing Lego creations. Some of these would have taken weeks and millions of Lego bricks.

If you liked the first video with Lego creations, here is another one with lots more. Your kids will need a lot of patience and some creativity to create some of these.


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