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Meccano for 7 Year Olds

Meccano is a great activity for 7 year old kids and there are a variety of Meccano building sets for kids from five and up.  Meccano has been around for close to 100 years and is great at stimulating the minds of kids with construction toys and problem solving tasks.  A Meccano set will contain construction material with metal strips, plates, springs, wheels, axles, gears and nuts and bolts to connect all the pieces,  There are quite a few kits with motors allowing the toys to move around, and many make multiple types of cars, helicopters, etc so you can pull it apart and make something else. Just be aware that there are quite a few meccano kits designed for older kids as well if you are purchasing meccano for the first time.  Make sure you keep the meccano manuals as there are often over 200 parts in some kits and you will need the instructions to remember how to make the toy.

The Magic of Meccano Show

This next video is from the Magic of Meccano show 2012 and has lots of Meccano toys built by adults for adults given the complexity.  Well worth watching to see just how good Meccano is but clearly these Meccano toys are too complicated for young kids.

Meccano Excavator

This next video demonstrates a Meccano excavator. This is am amazing construction and likely to impress the kids.

Meccano Car

Today, Meccano also comes as a remote control car kit. This next video is a perfect example of how a Meccano car can be constructed.

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