Age Group: 8+ Year Old

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Mobilo for 5 Year Olds

Mobilo is a fun activity for eight year old kids allowing them to use their imagination in a similar way to Lego.  The product is recommended by the manufacturer (Plasticant Mobilo) for kids aged three to eight years old, but I have seen plenty of two year old kids have fun with Mobilo.  The bucket of mobilo comprises essential building blocks such as squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, ladders, angles, axles and wheels, although the basic box has only enough parts for three or four small cars.  The genius of mobilo are the flexible connectors that allow the parts to be joined. Kids can make lots of movable objects such as cars, planes, and rockets by using the connectors which easily snap in and out and spin. The pieces are made of an indestructible plastic and a good size so they don’t easily get lost. Your kids should be busy for many hours with Mobilo and you will see this product in many pre-schools, kindergartens and schools given its educational value.

How to Build a Mobilo Plane

The video below demonstrates how easy it is to build a small plane and provides a great example of the simplicity of mobilo.

Build a Backhoe with Mobilo

The next video shows a Mobilo Backhoe.  This would be very simple to make for younger kids.

A Mobilo Fire Engine

A quick look at a mobilo fire engine in this next video.

 A Mobilo Forklift

Another idea is to build a mobilo forklift which is in the next video.


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