Paper Aeroplanes

Age Group: 6 Year Old

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Paper Aeroplanes for 6 Year Olds

Paper aeroplanes are an inexpensive way for 6 year old kids to have a lot of fun. There are so many different paper aeroplane designs that you can find on the internet or in a book and kids will love the challenge of flying different planes. For younger kids, its a good idea to make a few for them to show them how it works. Just be careful because before you know it, all the paper in the house will disappear with the kids using it for paper planes.

Instructions on How to Make a Great Paper Aeroplane

Lets start with one of the easiest paper aeroplane designs for kids.  This video is 1 minute long and will allow you to create a paper aeroplane fast, particularly if your kids are in a hurry.

If you are super keen, have a go at constructing the paper aeroplane that set a world record in this next video.

The next video has one of the best designs for a paper aeroplane.  It’s just over 5 minutes long but is a fantastic design.

I also particularly like this paper airplane design and the easy to follow instructions in this next video.  This video is 4 minutes long but does demonstrate how to make a paper airplane that can fly incredible distances and at the end of the video, the author drops about 20 planes out at the same time which makes an amazing visual effect.

World’s Best Paper Aeroplanes

If you have mastered the paper plane, it might be time to enter a paper plane flying competition with the experts. Competition categories include longest distance, most aerobatic and longest airtime. It’s hard to believe people can get so excited about this, but the next video shows they do!

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