Parachuting Figurine

Age Group: 8+ Year Old

Rating: 6
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A toy parachute figurine is an inexpensive way for kids to have a lot of fun. They can either throw it in the air, watch the parachute open and try and catch it, or alternatively drop it off a balcony and fire a water pistol at the parachute. Just make sure there is not too much wind around. Paper planes can also add to the fun here. There are some great photos of kids throwing toy parachuting figurines at this website.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. Below is one of the coolest videos I have seen with Felix ballooning into space, jumping out of his capsule, freefalling at the speed of sound, parachuting to Earth and landing in Mexico. The scene of Felix letting go of the rail and dropping to Earth from the overhead camera is one you are unlikely to forget. This is a must watch for kids given the inspirational nature of the video and the dramatic scenery.

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