Putt Putt Golf

Age Group: 7 Year Old

Rating: 9.23
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Putt Putt Golf for 7 Year Olds

Putt Putt golf is a lot of fun for 7 year olds and takes around an hour if the kids can putt a golf ball. This game can develop hand-eye coordination, get your kids outdoors and doesn’t cost a lot of money. The thrill of getting a hole in one on the putt putt course will keep them coming back and maintain their enthusiasm. Well worth a try if there is a facility in your local area.

One of the Best Putt Putt Shots of All Time

One of the greatest putt putt golf shots of all time can be seen in this next video. Very creative and well executed. This will be hard to beat!

The World’s Longest Monster Putts

If you think you have sunk a long, breaking putt, check these out because these are the top 10 longest putts of all time.  Many of these putts were made in pressure situations as well making the celebration even better. These types of putts will motivate you to get onto the putt putt course and teach you how to make long putts!

The Best Golf of Tiger Woods

Below is 8 minutes of Tiger Woods and some of his finest golf shots.  Some of the shots are truly spectacular and his putting is arguably the best of all time. Well worth watching before you head out for putt-putt games.


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