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Remote Control Car for 2 year olds

Remote control cars are a fantastic toy idea to keep a 2 year old entertained and make a great birthday or Christmas present. There are far too many choices of cars to list here, but its important to keep in mind that the car will take many crashes, particularly when they work out how to make a jump, so its best to buy one that looks virtually indestructible. Below are some other great tips if you are in the market for a remote control car.

Key Considerations when Buying a Remote Control Car

(1) Cost – There is a large cost differential between hobby grade remote control cars and toy grade.  Hobby grade are typically $50 to $100 more expensive, contain some replacement parts and go much faster than toy grade.

(2) Durability – This is perhaps the most important feature.  A remote control car will endure many crashes, so something that looks sturdy rather than cheap plastic will save a lot of hassle and disappointment.  Toy grade remote control cars typically can’t be repaired, so once damaged, they get thrown away.  Alternatively, you can buy some heavy duty tape to patch up the broken pieces on your remote control car.  Suspension in some cars also allows them to better handle jumps and stay upright more often.

(3) Battery Life and Charger – Toy remote control cars typically operate on batteries, which can cost a lot of money if they are not rechargeable.  Most battery packs last between 30 and 60 minutes with the rechargeable batteries often taking around 8 hours to fully recharge.  Electric remote control cars are preferable over gas powered remote control cars for kids given its easier and safer for parents and kids to handle batteries rather than fuel which can also result in the engine heating up.

(4) Speed – Fast remote control cars may appear to be the obvious choice but require more space and skill to operate, particularly for kids.  Remote control gas cars can reach speeds in excess of 80 km/h, whereas electric cars are around half this speed.

(5) Type of Terrain – If you are using the car indoors, you might like to look at the drift models which are a lot of fun, but require more skill to operate.  If you are driving over grass, dirt or mud, you will need a good set of tyres with extra grip.  A 4wd car will also get you out of trouble more often if you are racing on variable terrain.

(6) Control Panel – Toy grade remote control cars typically have simple controls (often a pistol style grip with accelerator and steering wheel) compared to hobby grade which may have many extra features for the enthusiast and much longer range.  The ability to switch frequencies is a handy feature if there is more than one car running at a time.

(7) Appearance – Don’t forget to buy a remote control car that is your child’s favourite colour, looks good with cool graphics or stickers and may have lights or a horn.  If your kids want to buy big remote control cars or remote control monster trucks, remember that these will take up plenty of space to store and may be heavy to carry.

Remote Control Car Summary

Remote Control Cars can allow a 2 year old to experience the thrill of driving a car without the risk of writing off thousands of dollars.  These are great present ideas for Birthdays and Christmas and will engage the whole family.  Do your homework before you head to the shop or better still save money and find a great car online.  It’s even more fun when the parents race the kids with their own remote control cars around a track, but make sure you let the kids win at least a couple of times.  If you really do enjoy the hobby, there are now remote control car clubs which you can enjoy and share the passion with others.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. Below is an amazing video of a remote control car jumping a house. If this doesn't get the kids excited about a remote control car, not much will.

2. Below is an example of a remote control car with drifting capability. Clearly this guy has had plenty of hours of practice to be able to do this.

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