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Age Group: 4 Year Old

Rating: 8.4
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Rocket Launcher for 4 Year Old

There are lots of rocket types for kids, but the safest has to be the stomp foam rocket. The beauty of the stomp rocket is that it is very easy to assemble, doesn’t require any batteries and launches very high in a safe way for kids of all ages. The only issue is the foam rockets sometimes fall apart after multiple launches, so its worth having an extra pack of refills. Lots of fun for kids and a great birthday or Christmas gift.

If you want to see a stomp rocket, check out this next video.  It has a funny ending which should amuse the kids.

How to Build Your Own Stomp Rocket

The next video takes 2 minutes and demonstrates how to build a stomp rocket with a few simple objects around the house.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. One of the more amazing feats of the human race is sending people into space. The next video is a classic NASA space shuttle launch with a countdown and blast off.

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