Rubiks Cube

Age Group: 7 Year Old

Rating: 6.33
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Rubiks Cube for 7 Year Old

There is an amazing 3 year old girl on Youtube that can solve the rubik’s cube in 114 seconds, but I think you will find many younger kids will struggle with the challenge. Some kids will find hours of entertainment however just getting one side of the cube, so its worth buying if you want to stimulate their brains with this puzzle. Adults also find it a lot of fun and its also great for longer car or plane trips.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. Below is the video of the 3 year old Chinese girl solving the Rubik’s cube in 114 seconds. Amazing stuff.

2. To solve it yourself, there is a step by step instruction guide at this link.

Rubik cube solution link:

Note that it still isn’t straight forward and does take some concentration to master even with the solution.

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