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Scooter Fun for Kids

Scooters are great fun for 8 year old kids who like lots of exercise and the thrill of going fast.  They offer an inexpensive alternative to a bicycle, most can fold away taking up minimal space and they are used regularly by kids making them good value for money.  Kids will also improve their balance on a scooter and other skills quite quickly which makes it addictive for kids.  An added bonus is that its a good way for young kids to make friends when they see other kids with scooters at a park.  Important considerations when buying a scooter are as follows:

1. Scooter Safety Considerations

A good helmut that fits correctly is a must have given scooters can reach in excess of running speeds and often travel over bumpy terrain.  Wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads are also worth considering.  Make sure the kids choose a suitable bike trail or smooth path, as riding a scooter on a road is dangerous even if they think they know the traffic rules.  Motorized scooters are also a poor choice for kids given they lose most of the exercise benefit and can struggle with managing the speed and braking.  Forget about the petrol powered or gas scooters altogether, unless you are an adult and want to show off in front of the kids.

2. Scooter Design

For younger kids, the best type of scooter are the three wheel version with a fixed handle bar.  Kids learn to steer by leaning their body into turns.  For older kids, the two wheel variety is preferred with wide wheels for better stability over rocks and bumps.  The handlebars also typically turn on these scooters allowing the kids to turn quickly and perform tricks.  Measure your kids weight and check the scooter weight limitation before purchasing.  Plastic scooters typically allow weight up to 30kg while metal scooters can handle weights of 100kg or more.

3. Scooter Styles

There are lots of colours and themes to think about when buying a scooter.  For girls, you can even buy tassals for the scooter handle bars and for younger kids, a bell can be a popular accessory.  Scooter themes include a spiderman scooter for boys or a Dora the Explorer Scooter for girls.

4. Parents on Scooters

Parents can buy a scooter as well to encourage their kids to take part.  It’s a great way to spend time with your kids, but be aware the kids will want to have a race sooner or later.  My advice would be to let the kids win, otherwise you may be hounded for days about a rematch.  It’s an absolute must for adults to check the weight limitations on a scooter before purchasing.  Breaking your scooter at high speed because you are 20kg over the weight limit is not a good look.

Scooter Summary

Scooters are great value toys for kids and should bring a smile to their faces if given as a birthday or Christmas present.  Most scooters offer many years of fun as they can handle the rough play of kids.  As always, you get what you pay for in this category, but you should be able to find a great choice for under $100.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. It’s amazing how quickly some two year olds can pick up their scooter skills. The video below demonstrates one talented two year old on a three wheel micro scooter.

2. The next video is for those older kids looking for a few new tricks. Some of these are very dangerous, so it’s probably best for just the older kids to see this one.

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