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Skateboarding for 8 year olds

Skateboarding is an amazing activity for 8 year old kids given the skills developed and fitness required. The high speed nature of the sport and the extreme probability of falling off necessitates the use of some safety equipment including a helmut. Kids typically start off by riding some hills, a few small jumps before they head down to the local half pipe. There are so many tricks to master, that once kids start skateboarding, its hard to get them to stop.

Great Skateboarding Tricks to Try (for an 8 year old)

Before the kids try to master the 360 kick flip or the hand-plant at the local half pipe, its a good idea for them to practice the following basic skills and tricks on a skateboard.

(1) Learn how to push with both feet.  This will allow the kids to skate for longer as they can swap legs when tired.  Note that the correct skateboard technique is to push with their back foot and position the leading foot on the front of the board.

(2) Learn how to skate with each foot in the leading position.  If they ever want to try a half-pipe, they need to know how to fakie.

(3) An Ollie is a great trick whereby the board jumps off the surface by kicking the tail against the ground and sliding the front foot up the skateboard deck.  Once the kids have mastered this trick, they will spend many hours trying to jump over sticks, bricks and other objects that are progressively taller.  Remember to practise the Ollie while stationary at first before they start practising at speed.

(4) Ride over a small jump or drop off.  Start on very small dropoffs at first like rolling off a gutter before trying a jump.

(5) A Manual which is simply rolling along doing a wheelie with the front wheels off the ground.  If the kids get really good at this skateboard trick, they can try the reverse which is the nose manual whereby the back wheels are off the ground while rolling forward.

(6) Grinds are skateboarding either forward or backwards and scraping the trucks which hold the wheels across a gutter or edge.

There are lots more skateboarding tricks available at this link.

What type of Skateboard to Buy for 8 year old

It’s important to note that it’s very difficult to buy a skateboard for kids given they will have specific tastes in terms of what’s cool, so it might be best to either get a picture of what they want (perhaps from the internet) and take it to the skateboard shop, or give them the money and let them choose.  If you still want to buy one, then here are some great tips.

(1) Take note of your child’s height, weight and size of feet.

(2) There are 3 types of skateboards being street, park and longboards.  Ask them what they would prefer.

(3) Ask them if there is a particular brand of skateboard that they like.  Some of the Best brands include Blind, Zero, Element and Birdhouse.

(4) It should look sturdy given skateboards take a beating and often break.

(5) Ask them about colours and graphics.

(6) Don’t buy a skateboard from the local supermarket as these are complete junk!

Skateboarding Summary

Skateboarding involves lots of fun, but also a few skateboarding accidents.  Wearing the right safety gear including helmets, arm and knee pads will make the experience more enjoyable for your 8 year old.  Hopefully your kids will have a lot of fun and can avoid the dreaded face plant.  If they need any extra motivation, it might be an idea to show them a skateboarding magazine or some of the skateboarding video games, given the graphics and tricks on these skateboarding games are spectacular.

3 Amazing Skateboarding Videos

1. Have you ever seen a 3 year old ride a skateboard ramp? Neither had I until I saw this video. Amazing stuff proving that almost any age can ride a skateboard.

2. Some adults never grow up from skateboarding and just build bigger ramps in their backyard like this guy.

3. Some of the most amazing skateboarding tricks you have ever seen are in this next video. Amazing stuff!

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