Slippery Slides

Age Group: 2 Year Old

Rating: 9
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Sometimes the simplest activities are often the best. Kids love a good slippery slide and will slide down feet first, then face first, then backwards and finish by climbing back up the slide. Some will roll balls down the slide and slide down with friends. They are reasonably inexpensive these days, so if you can’t get your kids to leave the park, it may be an idea to buy one. Some can be folded and packed away if you are short on space.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. If the kids love a good slippery slide, you can go the next step and often find a giant slide at a local fair or theme park. Typically you slide down with a bag and adults can take young kids with them and hold them securely between their legs. The thrill of going over the bumps and picking up speed is great for the kids.

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