Slip and Slide

Age Group: 8+ Year Old

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Slip and Slide for 8 Year Olds

The Slip and Slide has been around since the late 1990s and is a great activity for kids on a hot day. The price of the slip and slide is relatively cheap at around US$20, the kids will be entertained for many hours and also be worn out by the end with plenty of exercise. The product has improved a lot over the last 10 years with better materials, fun pools at the end of the slide, but you still need a powerful hose to make sure that the mat retains a lot of water. The double slide option is a lot better than the single slide particularly for younger kids who need a bit more mat to stay on. The blow up boards in some packs also make it easier for kids to slide. Detergent can also help to make the mat more slippery. You will need about 8m of relatively flat land, although a slight decline certainly helps with water flow. Well worth trying if you have some young kids.

Below in the video is the original commercial for the Slip and Slide from the 1990s.

Once the kids get very good at the slip and slide, they can have a try at this one in the next video. Check it out.

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