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Age Group: 2 Year Old

Rating: 8.25
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Spinning Top for 2 Year Old

A spinning top is a classic toy for 2 year old kids that is inexpensive (under $10) and a lot of fun. There is something hypnotic about the spinning motion for kids as the top seems to defy gravity when its spins rapidly on its point.  The physics of a spinning top is quite simple with angular momentum or torque required to keep the spinning top from slowing down and falling over. There are now many types available including wooden spinning tops and the plastic variety. Kids can try and spin it for the longest time against others, or try and spin it into a circle or off a table. For older kids, there are lots of cool tricks for the the more traditional spinning tops that are launched with a string.

This plunger spinning top in the next video is the best kind for younger kids. All you need to do is pump it a few times and its starts to spin very quickly and makes a pleasant spinning sound. Kids of all ages can play with one of these and it requires very little skill.

How to Throw a Spinning Top with a String

Old-fashioned spinning tops with a string are more difficult and usually recommended for kids 6 year of age or older given it does take some skill to wind it up and launch it correctly. Below is a 1 minute instructional video on how to throw this type of spinning top with a string. You will need some patience to master this type of spinning top, but there are 30+ tricks that you can try if you have the time.

I have seen a lot of spinning tops, but not fighting spinning tops (beyblade spinning top model) like they do in Japan. This looks like a lot of fun, albeit it may be more of an older kids activity. Well worth watching.

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