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Surfing for 8 Year Olds

Provided that your 8 year old is a strong swimmer, then surfing can be a great sport that promotes healthy exercise, strength and balancing skills while having a lot of fun. Typically kids surfing lessons start around the age of 6. Most surfing schools will provide a relatively long foam board with a leash and, kids typically learn to stand up on the surfboard in smaller surf conditions in their first few lessons.

To inspire he kids, it may be worth showing them the video below of the world’s largest wave ever ridden by a surfer measuring around 90 feet. The location is Nazares in Portugal and is sure to get the kids saying “Wow”. We recommend starting the kids on some gentle rolling waves at the local beach.

If your kids think they are good at surfing, tell them to try a backflip like this dude. That should keep them busy for a while.

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