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Swimming for 8 year olds

Swimming is a lot of fun for 8 year old kids and also an important life skill in terms of personal safety.  On a hot day, its a great way to keep cool and can be used in winter assuming the pool is heated. The exercise benefits from swimming are often forgotten about in all of the fun. Benefits include improved lung capacity, strength and flexibility.  Swimming lessons are a great way to get kids started and with the correct swimming technique, they will enjoy the pool so much more.  Swimming training can be a chore for kids, so if you can encourage their friends to participate, this may increase their motivation.  To keep your kids in the pool for longer, you can also provide a range of toys, floatation aids or games to keep them excited.  We list some of the more popular ones below:

Popular Swimming Floatation Aids and Toys

1. Flippers – kids will find flippers very useful to increase their speed in the pool and keep themselves higher in the water.  This also helps to improve their swimming stroke given it’s much easier to swim on top of the water with less drag.

2. Goggles – These will allow your kids to spend more time in the water with less eye irritation.  Note the different sizing for kids, grab a pair that don’t fog and a good brand so they don’t leak.

3. Snorkel and Mask – Similar to goggles, make sure you find a mask that doesn’t fog up and fits well.  You can also take this to the beach and kids will also use the snorkel to fire water like a cannon.

4. Water pistols – There are specifically designed water guns for kids and pool activities.  Most now come with floatation devices as well and are soft so they can be thrown around.  Just be careful to be nice to the kids, so you don’t get blasted with the water.

5. Beach Ball – Don’t forget to take the beach ball along to the pool.  They are inflatable which makes them easy to carry and the kids will love to throw and kick them around the pool

6. Pool Noodle – These are great floatation devices and also useful as a teaching aid for kids learning to swim.  If you buy two or more, your kids will end up trying to bop each other with the pool noodles after a while.

7. Pool Boat – Kids will love the feeling of having their own boat as an alternative to swimming in the pool.  Make sure you find one with a paddle or two and a pump for fast inflation.  It might be also worthwhile buying a larger one so an adult can enjoy the fun as well.

8. BodyBoard – If you own a bodyboard, don’t forget to take it to the pool.  The kids will love to paddle around the pool and it works really well with a pair of flippers.

Swimming Summary

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool at your house, you will be able to keep your kids entertained for most of the summer and no doubt have many of the neighbourhood kids over at your place.  Many public swimming pools have slippery slides into pools, springboards and diving platforms, so these are also worth considering for older kids.  Overall, its hard to beat swimming as an activity to entertain the kids while giving them much needed exercise.  The earlier your kids learn to swim, the more comfortable everyone will be around water.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. Below is the best swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps who won a record 22 Olympic medals including 18 gold. Who better to inspire the kids?

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