Swingball Tennis

Age Group: 6 Year Old

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Swingball Tennis for 6 Year Olds

A swingball tennis set is great fun for kids and can keep them busy for hours hitting the ball back and forth while developing their junior tennis skills. Kids can either play by themselves or with their friends and adults can join in the fun too.  The aim of the swingball game if two people are playing is for one player to hit it in one direction more times that the other player who hits it in the opposite direction.  Some swingball sets have a spiral at the top of the pole whereby if one player hits it in one direction long enough it catches at either the top or bottom of the pole and then that player is the winner.

Some Swingball Tennis Tips

1. Set it up with plenty of room – Remember that you need to take a backswing as well, so spectators also need to stand clear.

2. Use plastic racquets, not tennis racquets – A tennis racquet simply has too much power, although it may be useful for younger kids if they are missing the ball given the larger head size.

3. Alternate between forehand and backhand – your shoulder will get sore if you keep hitting it in the one direction.

4. Younger kids should be guided on correct distance from the pole – It may be funny when a little kid stands too close to the pole and gets bopped in the head with the ball,  but the kid getting bopped with the ball won’t enjoy it.

5. Buy a swingball set that can be dismantled and stored easily.  Most swingball sets have a base that can be filled with water or sand.  I recommend the water option given it can be tipped out easily and put away easily.

Swingball Tennis Summary

If you want to get your 6 year old into tennis, a swingball tennis set is a great start.  With tennis, it is hard for kids to get a rally going, but with swingball, if they miss the ball, it just takes an extra second to travel around the pole again.  Its great value for money, moderate exercise for the kids and will improve their hand to eye coordination.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. Have you ever seen a dog play swingball tennis? You will have after watching this next video. This might keep the kids amused for a little while.

2. How about the best shot of all time from the best tennis player of all time, Roger Federer. Simply brilliant to watch. This should inspire the kids.

3. I have seen some amazing things on a tennis court before, but a player hitting the ball so hard that the ball gets buried in the court is almost unbelieveable. Check this out!

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