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Theme Parks and 8 Year Old Kids

The excitement generated from visiting a theme park is hard to beat, although your wallet or purse may be significantly lighter by the end of the day. The kids will love the rides, the shows, and the food, but there are lots of tips which can make the day much more enjoyable. We list these below:

Great Theme Park Tips

1. Go when others are not going. Theme parks try to pack in as many people as they can given its a scale game. If you have to go on a weekend or school holidays, you may get lucky but don’t count on it. If you have to go when its busy, go as early as possible to avoid the crowds parking and lining up to get into the park.
2. Buy your theme park tickets before you go. Lining up for an hour just to buy tickets can take the fun out of the experience. Also most theme park tickets are cheaper online, so you should save money. If you are planning on going more than once, there is often an annual pass option.
3. Go on the best rides first. A theme park will get busier throughout the day and the lines will get longer. Most theme parks now have dedicated sections for young kids with small rides and attractions, so its worth planning where you are going to go before you get there.  Better still, grab the theme park maps before you go and draw the proposed plan of attack!  Remember height restrictions do apply on some theme park rides.

4. Bring your own Water Bottle.  There is a lot of walking to do at a theme park (another tip: wear comfortable shoes) and you will end up drinking a lot of water.  Theme Parks know this and often have water priced above alcohol prices.  This is ridiculous, but I have seen alcohol cheaper than water at some theme parks.

5. Take Swimming clothes, towel and a poncho.  Lots of theme parks have water slides, flume rides, etc which are great fun, but you end up getting wet.  You will then wish you had brought a towel with you rather than trying to dry off in wet clothes.

6. Take a hat and sunscreen.  Most of the theme park will be outdoors and your family will spend hours in the sun.  Don’t end the day looking like a lobster and unable to sleep with sunburn.

7. Organise a Meeting Spot.  Its important to keep your kids safe given there can be large crowds and make a meeting place if you do get separated.

8. Take a Camera and a Video Camera if possible.  One of the best money spinners for theme parks is selling overpriced photos of your family on some of their best rides.  It’s a great thrill to reflect on the experience, but it doesn’t come cheap. Take your own camera and take plenty of photos.  You can even let the kids look at the photos on the way home.

Theme Park Final Thoughts

Kids and Theme Parks are a fantastic combination with experiences and memories unlike any other activity.  Follow the above tips and you will have a better day compared to most of the other theme park visitors.  Better still, your kids will thank you for it.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. If you are taking your kids to a theme park, it can be a good idea to surprise them to see their reaction and build anticipation. Lots of parents do this and this is one of the best reactions of the kids that I have seen.

2. The video below shows the world’s fastest rollercoaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. With speeds of up to 240km/hr and pulling 4.8Gs, the experience is designed to simulate some of the feel of driving a formula 1 car. Strap yourself in while watching this video!

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