Throw a ball

Age Group: 3 Year Old

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Spending time outdoors with the kids is a must when the weather is nice, so its good to have a few things readily at hand given the kids will be running out the door. A great idea is to throw a ball around, whether it be a tennis ball, a baseball, a football, a scoop ball set, or a velcro catcher and ball set for younger kids. Correct technique is important to throw a ball and kids should point their non-throwing arm and foot towards the target, cock the wrist of their throwing arm and create a circular motion as they throw with their arm.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. Think you can throw a ball really fast? Check out Aroldis Chapman in this next video who has the fastest ever recorded baseball throw at 105mph. The throws even look fast in slow motion.

2. There are lots of techniques in throwing a ball. This one in the next video is very unusual, but is incredibly effective with this being one of the longest throws with a soccer ball.

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