Toolbox and Toy Tools

Age Group: 4 Year Old

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Toolbox and Toy Tools for 4 Year Olds

Kids love to imitate their parents and after they see a parent hammering a nail or sawing some wood, they will want their own toolbox full of tools. Unfortunately the real tools are just too dangerous, but if you can find some toy tools, you will have some happy kids. There are also lots of motorised toy tools from toy shops as well including toy drills, chainsaws and even work benches.

Extra Activity Information and Ideas:

1. This next video has the top 15 tools for a tool box. It’s a great video for either starting a tool box or figuring out any gaps in your existing tool box. Its also useful to show to the kids to explain different tools.

2. If you love tool boxes and a place for every item, you will love the setup of that popular guy from the TV show Mythbusters, Adam Savage and how he shows you around his tool box in this next video. This set would cost a fortune.

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