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Age Group: 2 Year Old

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Toy Garbage Trucks for 2 Year Olds

Many 2 year old kids love toy garbage trucks. Maybe its the experience of seeing the garbage trucks pick up the rubbish from the kerb and the mechanical arm flipping the bin and dropping the rubbish into the crushing zone. Sideloader toy garbage trucks are a popular option, but some kids do prefer a rear or front loader garbage truck as well which are often used for business waste. There are many battery operated side loader toy garbage trucks that pick the garbage bin up, slide it upwards on the side and tip the garbage into the hopper.  This is an exciting feature for many kids.

Key Features in Toy Garbage Trucks

The key features to look for in a toy garbage truck are (1) large wheels given they are pushed around all the time (2) a solid trash can made of durable plastic (3) smooth edges on the truck (4) a hopper that opens to allow plenty of rubbish to be collected (4) Lego or duplo bricks work well as garbage (5) hopefully some moving parts to keep the kids entertained for many hours (6) some even have a remote control for the toy garbage truck.  These toy garbage trucks make great birthday or christmas presents and you will no doubt become the favourite parent or relative after buying one of these.

Here is a great 40 second video of a Bruder toys garbage truck in action.

The next video is 1 minute long and demonstrates a Tonka toy garbage truck in action.

Types of Garbage Trucks

Kids love to watch garbage truck videos almost as much as playing with garbage truck toys. The next video runs through a number of different types of garbage trucks with plenty of trash compacting action included.

Below is another video with more types of garbage trucks.

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