Train set – Build a train track

Age Group: 4 Year Old

Rating: 8.6
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Train Set for 4 Year Old

Kids love train sets, particularly if they can get multiple battery powered trains going at the same time around a track. If you can afford it, a wooden table is great for 4 year old kids as it keeps the pieces together off the floor allowing kids to stand and often has compartments where the pieces can be stored. Just be aware that there are lots of train tracks that are not compatible, so carefully plan which one you intend on buying first.

If you need some inspiration to build the kids a toy train track, this video should do the trick and also keep the kids entertained. This first video is the world’s largest model train track. It’s 8 miles long and keeps getting larger every year and is now a major tourist attraction.

This second video has some great model trains in there, particularly the steam train at the end with realistic smoke.

This site is all about excited kids and it would be hard to find a more excited kid than this young boy when he sees Thomas the Tank Engine for the first time. The reaction is priceless!

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