Uno – Card Game

Age Group: 8+ Year Old

Rating: 5
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Uno for 8 Year Olds

Uno is recommended for kids 7 year old and up, but kids as young as 5 years of age can play the game with some help. Uno is a great family card game that takes less than 5 minutes to play and can generate a lot of laughs. The rules take about 3 games or 15 minutes to get used to, so its important that the kids have some patience to understand the game. Once kids start playing, there is a good chance they will become Uno addicts and love yelling out “Uno” just before they think they are about to win. Just remember to have a Draw 4 card up your sleeve to change the colour just before your opponent is about to win. For under $10, you can purchase Uno from your local store or and its great value for money

How to Play Uno

If you have forgotten how to play Uno, then the below 2 minute video should give you a quick refresher on this game.

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