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Age Group: 8+ Year Old

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Zoo Visit for 8 Year Olds

Zoos love parents with kids, so its a welcome change to find wide paths capable of handling prams and lots of interactive exhibits for younger kids in a safe environment. The larger zoo animals like elephants, giraffes and tigers are usually the most popular. Often zoos will provide an opportunity for kids to feed the animals with animal food provided or available for purchase. The educational aspect is also a great benefit with many motivated and highly qualified staff ready to talk about the animals in their environment.

Some great tips for parents of an 8 year old visiting the zoo are to (1) take a hat and sunscreen (2) take plenty of water (3) know the location of the restrooms or circle them on the map (4) take a camera for plenty of zoo animal pictures (5) have plenty of rest breaks.  Just be careful of the zoo shop on the way out with many irresistible toys and fluffy zoo animals that the kids will want to buy.

Top 10 Zoos in the World

The next video ranks the top 10 zoos in the world. If you think your zoo is great, check out this list with Singapore coming in as the number 1 zoo in the world.

Australia Zoo

No one was more passionate about animals than the late Steve Irwin who built his own unique zoo called Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Below is an entertaining video of Steve describing the animals at his zoo. Steve even makes the snakes seem exciting and how can anyone not love the wombat in this video?

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